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Craig Arney


Craig is a journeyman plumber and one of the owners of C&R Plumbing. Craig has had an entrepreneurial spirit since he was young.  When he was 11 years old, Craig started his first business mowing lawns. He borrowed his father’s lawnmower.  His grandpa would drive Craig to neighbors’ homes in his red Datsun pickup truck.  While Craig mowed lawns, his grandpa took naps in the truck. When he was done, he treated his grandpa to a cheeseburger as payment. Business ownership was good to Craig early on.


After high school, Craig gave community college a try but decided he’d rather look into career options in the trades. A family friend guided Craig toward the electrical and plumbing fields. He chose to plumb. He worked as a laborer for three years, learning everything he could about plumbing.  He was especially interested in the service and construction sides of the industry. He became an apprentice in 1997 and earned his journeyman’s license in 2003.  He enjoyed working for other companies, but like most entrepreneurs, he had dreams of owning his own company. 


In 2005, Craig started C&R Plumbing in Springfield, OR.  In 2009, he added a business partner and over the years the company has grown in size.  Today, C&R Plumbing has nine full-time plumbers and two part-time employees.


Craig is married to Jamie and they have three children, Erin, Joseph, and Cora.  In his spare time, Craig enjoys working on his farm which includes his showpig operation, hunting and fishing with his kids, and spending time with his family.


Samatha Bays

Office Manager

Samantha is the C&R Plumbing office manager.  She has been with the company for four years. Working in the plumbing industry has opened her eyes to how vital plumbers are to our world. Clean, safe, running water is something she doesn’t take for granted anymore.  She respects the integrity that runs deep through the company and is proud to be a part of it. Before working at C&R, she worked in banking and bookkeeping.


When not in the office, she is at home with her two boys.  She enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and the boys camping, kayaking, and exploring as well as baking and homesteading.


Dylan Geyer

Journeyman Plumber

Dylan is a journeyman plumber.  He never thought plumbing was a career that would interest him until he received a laborer position with C&R Plumbing.  He had a background in woodworking at a shop before C&R.   He worked at the shop for 4 years and developed skills that transitioned well for him into the plumbing field. Plumbing was not an easy transition for him, but he’s glad he stayed with it.  Dylan has been working with C&R for 5 years and journeyed out in August of 2020. He finds satisfaction in all the challenges plumbing brings and is proud of his work.  His career has also allowed him to build strong relationships with his coworkers who he calls his friends.


Outside of work, Dylan enjoys spending time with his family, woodworking, building anything, and tinkering.


Adam Gomez

Journeyman Plumber

Adam is a journeyman plumber.  He has been with C&R Plumbing for ten months. Adam struggled with a direction in his life. When he found plumbing, his whole world changed for the better. The thought of building something that will be there longer than he lives is very meaningful to him.  The staff has been wonderful. All the guys are smart, and they all get along very well. He knows if he needs something, they are going to do their best to help him. 

Adam's father owned a floor covering business when he was a kid.  He went everywhere with him and learned about trade work.   After working at Bi-Mart for 12 years and then Symantec for a short time, Adam decided a desk job was not for him. He received a job as a shop boy at his cousin’s plumbing company.  One day he was challenged by one of the journeyman plumbers who asked him if he was going to be a shop boy for the rest of his life or get into school and make something of himself.  Adam said, “the fire was lit!”  He enrolled in the plumbing apprenticeship and life has never been better.

In his spare time, Adam enjoys spending as much time as possible with his wife and two children.  They are the light of his life and the reason he gets up in the morning.  He is also an RC car enthusiast.  He owns several different vehicles ranging from gas to electric. He also enjoys fishing.


Daniel Shore


Daniel is a period 2 apprentice.  He has been with C&R Plumbing for 1.5 years.  Working in the plumbing industry has been incredibly rewarding for Daniel. Being surrounded by the other trades during the building process has increased his understanding of multiple facets of construction. The work is sometimes very dirty and at other times impeccably clean.


Daniel believes being able to work under any of the knowledgeable and helpful journeymen ensures the work gets done correctly. At the end of the day, he is satisfied that he has received quality on-the-job training. The personal growth and development he has achieved during his time at C&R surpass all of his previous jobs.


He likes working at C&R because he is treated fairly by the boss and he knows his coworkers want him to succeed. They work hard, but also have a good time while doing so.  Before working at the company, he assembled airline cabin furniture and worked as a barista.


Daniel has a BA in Business Administration from Western Washington University.  In his free time, Daniel trains in jiujitsu, likes to forage for mushrooms, and studies Korean.


Eithan Bays


Eithan is a journeyman plumber and one of the owners of C&R Plumbing.  He has always been ambitious.  He developed a strong work ethic when he started working for C&R Plumbing on the weekends in his early teens. Eithan continued to work throughout high school at machine shops and convenience stores. When he graduated, Eithan had ambitions to enter the plumbing apprenticeship, but the program closed due to the recession.


Eithan was successful at finding other jobs that provided great opportunities and training.  He was a specialty hydroelectric milright/welder, became certified in multiple welding disciplines, was a crane operator, and became a certified rigger.  In 2012 he decided to come back to C&R where he worked as a laborer and started the plumbing apprentice program.  In 2016, Eithan earned his journeyman’s license and in 2019 became co-owner of C&R Plumbing.


Eithan is married to Samantha and has two children.  Outside of work, Eithan likes to hunt and fish.  He enjoys building and creating things around his home and spending time with his family.

Zach (2)_121120.jpg

Zach Oran

Journeyman Plumber

Zach is a journeyman Plumber.  He enjoys getting to see new locations all around the state, and how plumbing brings something new almost every day.  He likes working for C&R Plumbing because of the great bosses and coworkers.  Before C&R, Zach worked for another plumbing company in the area as a service technician. 


In his spare time, Zach and his wife enjoy exploring the outdoors.


Corbin Smith

Journeyman Plumber

Corbin is a journeyman plumber.  He has worked at C&R  Plumbing for seven years.  He enjoys working in the plumbing industry because he likes to overcome the different challenges it presents.  Corbin says working at C&R is great.  The bosses are fair, helpful and he is compensated well for his work.  His fellow employees are easy to work with and they share some common interests.  Before working at C&R, Corbin worked as a janitor and was a soldier in the U.S. Army.


In his spare time, Corbin enjoys working out, baking, foraging for wild mushrooms and practicing jiujitsu.


Trevor Starnes


Trevor is a 1st-year apprentice.  He believes the best part about working at C&R Plumbing is working with amazing people who you get to be around every day. They have extremely well-trained individuals who are very good teachers.  Trevor has been in construction for 17 years and has worked on everything from foundations to framing, siding, and trim.  Having a chance to be a part of this company is one of the reasons he decided to become a plumber. I am now CPR certified and as Trevor says, is “on his way to greatness.”


Trever enjoys spending time with his kids, coaching and watching football, as well as finding new adventures to explore in the wilderness.


Derek Smith


Derek is a 1st-year apprentice. He has worked for C&R Plumbing for almost one year.  While at C&R, he has learned many new things about the plumbing industry.  His experience has been great and he enjoys the ability to continuously apply his knowledge throughout his days at work.  He enjoys the great work environment at C&R never seeming to have any issue with his coworkers. Derek spent one summer working as a temporary worker at Lane County Public Works in the road department.  That summer, he tried to narrow down a career path.  In the fall, he started working with C&R. 

When not working, Derek enjoys spending time outside, working on his vehicles, or riding quads and 3-wheelers on the dunes with friends and family.

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